The Wall Exhibition

My atelier is currently based in a former military base in Koprivnica (Croatia), near the Hungarian border. It's a huge complex that is mostly abandoned and looks like a scenery from some zombie movie. There is also a big field and a forrest nearby so often I see and hear animals wandering around the place. Squirels, wild rabbits, deer and all kinds of wild birds. It gives the place a special, magical feeling. maybe i'm crazy but I see a kind of peacefull beauty in all this. Since it is full of empty buildings and barracks, there are quite a few walls that I can use for my canvases. Part of it will also soon be wiped from the face of the Earth because it's in the place where there is soon supposed to be detour road and a roundabout.

Sometimes I get tired of painting indoors and then I get out and paint on the walls. Currently I'm working on a wall that is a part of a former vehicle inspection station. When i'm done with painting both sides of that wall I'm planning to make an outdoor wall exhibition there. First of many, in this huge ex military complex, before it's completely gone or renovated and converted into something more moneymaking usefull.  I'm doing this because I would like for my fellow citizens and others to see it like I see it. Still wild and beautifull for I'm sure in no time there is going to be a huge road with ugly billboards. No animals and no wall paintings anywhere in sight.